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Thread: Humming sound!?

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    Default Humming sound!?

    Parked my car at school, took it out after an hour and now I'm noticing a somewhat constant humming noise and the rpm tends to stay at 1.5 :s Anyone know what might be causing this? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I have a feeling that something has gone wrong with the ABC pump which is ridiculous as I had to get a new one at 22k and now again at 51k :@:@

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    Can't help you out since I have no knowledge about ABC.. But out of curiosity, did you put in a new unit the last time it was replaced? And what's this kind of stuff cost to get replaced? I remember reading a lot of SL guys getting pulled in for thousands to repair it... Crazy money for something like that. Maybe consider converting to springs?

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    Went to oakridge to have it checked out and it is the AB C pump malfunctioning. I had a new one put in last time. They're gonna give me an exact estimate on Monday but the guy said that he just replaced it on a sl600 for $3000. The fact that this is happening after just approx 25k km has got me in an extremely bad mood :@:@
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    I talked to MB Mississauga today and they said that this issue might still be covered under the Star Certified Warranty even though the factory warranty has expired. I have SprintBooster installed and was wondering if anyone knows if I need to have it uninstalled before I take the car to them?

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    Default Re: Humming sound!?

    Uninstall it and take the car in. You can never be too safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by discoduck View Post
    Uninstall it and take the car in. You can never be too safe.
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    Contact sprintbooster and see what they recommend I know smart top has a mode that makes it invisible to star diagnostics. Even if you leave it on and they find it they arn't going to void your warrenty on the abc pump the sprint booster has nothing to do with the ABC pump.

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    I ended up having it uninstalled. Better safe than sorry I guess. Got my car back day before yesterday and installed it back today. Driving without it is so boring now, I couldn't stand it! The ABC pump was fine this time around - my service advisor told me that it was the nitrogen shock absorber that was causing the loud whining noise.

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