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    Post Welcome to the Ask Sean - Technical Section!!!

    Hello all and welcome to the new Ask Sean - Technical Section of The purpose of this section is to help everyone find the answers to any questions they may have about their Mercedes in particular, the mark in general or even general questions about car technology or handling physics. Everyone is free to jump into the conversation and/or help answer any of the questions, and those that are posing a challenge to answer, I will do my best to help track down.

    Now, so that you have and understanding of what my background is in automobiles before you pose the hard questions to me, I will give you a brief synopsis of my knowledge and experience in the hobby. For those of you that don't know me personally or not met me in person my actual name is Sean and I have been a real car enthusiast for essentially my entire life thanks to my father. He is a mechanic for Mercedes-Benz for going on twenty-four years and has been a mechanic and car enthusiast in general for much longer. About a year or two after I was born he picked up a car that would forever reserve a special place in my heart for the Mercedes-Benz mark, a 1972 280SEL. My father and I spent many a night working on this car throughout my youth restoring it to better then new condition and showing it at the local cruise nights.

    Above My Father's 1972 280SEL, sadly this is one of the vary few photographs that we seem to still have of the car.

    Kind of unfortunately we sold this car back when I was I believe about ten years old and it ended up being repainted from the original OEM green to black for use in a movie by the next owner and we are not aware of what has happened to it since then.

    From about 1999 when we sold the Mercedes and 2005 we kind of put the car hobby on hold with no show/race car in our possession while we pursued our mutual interest in aviation. Then in 2005 my father bought the then brand new 300C with the 5.7L HEMI engine and right from the start we slowly started modifying the chassis and engine as aftermarket parts started to become available for it. This has slowly begun to transform the car from a mild street car towards where it is venturing this summer, a full out drag car with an 8-71 Blower and somewhere around 800-900hp with the large pulley we are starting with initially until we can modify the drivetrain to take more.

    Above Our 300RT (300C) Drag Car as of Fall 2010 before the installation of the BDS 8-71 Blower Below The BDS 8-71 Blower, Drive and Intake Manifold that will be installed this summer (2011)

    Then when I turned eighteen my parents surprised me with what would get me back in to the Mercedes-Benz mark with incredible passion, a 1993 190E 2.3L in white with grey trim and a dark blue MBTex interior. For the first year and a half I kept the car rather stock and only did the normal fixing up and cleaning up of systems and minor problems, then when I got my first basement apartment with 1 3/4 car garage the modifications started to take off. I found the site and began learning about all the possible modifications that can be made to the car using stock parts from other Benz models of the era and began to nail down some of the best modifications I could do to my car to make it really perform on a road course while still making it not only liveable, but still luxurious as a daily driver (at least in terms of livable in the same sense as a Porsche GT3RS). The car has slowly evolved since then and has reached the point where it is essentially a completely new suspension using special order AMG parts with which I can comfortably pull over 1G on the skid pad with only mildly warmed tires, which are now 235/40ZR17 TOYO R1Rs on 7.5in rims.

    Above My 190E AMG sitting on the third floor of the Mercedes-Benz Downtown Dundas Dealership

    The interior has also been given my own special treatment with a more appropriate AMG & racing inspired theme, with lots of real carbon fibre and racing gear. Now the current phase of the project is really a couple finishing touches on the suspension and cramming more power under the hood. Eventually I will be doing an engine swap on the car and dropping in either a 3.6L straight six or going right up to a nice small V8, but for now I am working on just making the current M102.098 8V motor put out what it is truly capable of achieving. To help it reach the lofty goal of north of 200hp N/A (naturally aspirated), I am designing a new intake manifold for the car that will allow me to install a part of twin-choke DCOE45 Weber Carburetors off of a 1960's era Grand Prix car. That correct, you read that right, Formula 1 style and size Weber Carburetors! These are from the era when Grand Prix cars were limited to 2.0 to 2.5L naturally aspirated and were most commonly straight-fours. The manifold is still in the preliminary design phase where I am solving some clearance issues with other components and in fact has changed a little already from when I uploaded this photo even, but you can just the jest of the design.

    Above The preliminary design of the duel DCOE45 Weber Intake Manifold that I am designing for the M102.098 engine

    So based on what you can see from the very basic overview of my car hobby background, I hope you are now comfortable with allowing me to help answer your car questions. Thanks for reading this welcome thread and I look forward to tracking down the answers to some real challenging questions!

    Sean "190E AMG"
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    Default Re: Welcome to the Ask Sean - Technical Section!!!

    Hi Sean, enjoyed the post. i posted a question on 2010 E63 AMG mct speed shift. ( slipping Clutch ) if you like a good mystery, i have a few.
    what temp does the oil cooler fan behind right front valence come on at?

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