For those still driving the W210.... have both front lower control arms inspected for potential failure due to corrosion on outboard welded joint...near ball joint...underside below the shock attachment bracket. We all know about the nightmare with the spring perch on this model. Well, the sad saga on this rust prone model continues. If this fails completely and separates at highway speed the potential for complete loss of control and a crash with injury is very high. They rust from the inside out so you need to look inside to be sure. Use a Maglite and look through the hole below the spring. Poke around the bottom drain hole with a sharp scribe tool and see if it goes through. If it does or if you can easily enlarge the drain hole on the arm itself with the tool, not the cast fitting that the ball joint is attached to, then the LCA MUST be replaced. Not to big a DIY job and the parts are reasonably priced online. Have a look !!