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    I did a quick search and didn't find much, so apologies if its been discussed to death.

    I have new rims from Replika on my C300, and stupid me I ordered the centre caps from ebay without checking the size.

    OEM appears to be 75mm, which is slightly too large for the Replika rims.

    I emailed Replika and they said I need 66.4mm caps.

    And I also see people asking for 68mm caps.

    Of course a few mm won't make much of a difference, but I have searched high and low, and can only find the 75mm caps.

    Closest I found was this:

    But that's 60-55mm, might be too small?

    The rep from Replika gave me two Mercedes part numbers, but they seem to point to 75mm caps (again)


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    I ran into this with Moven Rims back years ago. I was able to find some that worked. Let me see if I can still find them.

    I think the people you talked to on the phone got confused with the hub diameter. Can you link me to the wheels you bought so I can see if there is any technical information regarding the sizes needed.

    What are the mercedes parts numbers I'll check to see what they are as well.

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    I think from my reading the closest size is used in BBS rims, 70mm.

    The rim, which is showing 66.4mm as the Bore, so I think you're right, the end the cap goes over is much wider.

    I checked the cap that came with the rim, and it is right on 70mm, but it's blank and ugly ! haha

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    And the MB part numbers were:


    Which as far as I can tell are the standard 75mm caps

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