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Thread: Dissapointed with x-pipe, no change

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    Angry Dissapointed with x-pipe, no change

    Just got a magnaflow x pipe installed on my 2013 and there is barely a difference. It sounds slightly better than stock, but still such a slight change. Does anybody know why or have any suggestions?

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    who did the install and where ?

    from my understanding your not going to hear much of a difference until you step on it, normal driving will not produce much of anything, it's once you floor it and get the revs up, that is when you will hear the difference....

    we had this done on our c350 coupe and under normal driving and take offs no difference, but like I said if you punch it, you will hear the difference


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    X Pipe usually quites things down if you wanted more noise you should have removed the resonator and went with straight pipes or an H pipe.

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    Default Re: Dissapointed with x-pipe, no change

    first. .. I don't even know what you drive...

    anyway... now go delete res +2nd cat or muffler or both

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    Default Re: Dissapointed with x-pipe, no change

    I did do a res delete i guess i just had a higher expectation for sound but yea im probably just going to go with a 2nd cat and muffler delete aswell.

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