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  1. SLK 350 engine electrical problem ?

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    we have 2007 slk 350 engine stops breifly when traveing between 40 to 50 mph then picks back up and does fine only had car a couple weeks dealership mechanics puzzled slk is automatic with paddle shifters + 35000 miles

  2. Steps To Take Before Purchasing Your First Suspension

    Many car enthusiasts start off differently on what they plan on doing to their car. For me, I’ve always been a suspension person. The first few steps are usually struts and springs or coilovers, rims and possibly brakes, depending on what I plan on using the car for, (everyday driver, Weekend Car, Everyday Driver with a trip to the track two or three times a year).

    With any suspension upgrade, you will sacrifice some comfort for handling. Hopefully, this will help you with your choice. ...
  3. Sway Bars and Strut Tower Bars

    One of the most common upgrades on a modified car is mounting strut bars. Strut bars (also known as strut tower bar or strut brace) is designed to tie the two opposing strut towers together as a single solid unit.

    The purpose of strut bars is to reduce flex that these towers experience during hard cornering. When taking a turn a car's strut tower normally flex, resulting body flex and losing some traction. As a strut tower bar is designed to keep your car's strut tower from flexing, ...
  4. Koni Yellows vs Bilstien BB Sprint

    Koni vs Bilstien shocks

    Two very popular companies, Koni and Bilstien, You’ve probably heard of them being used on a variety of cars in various car shows, or seen there individual booths. Today I will be talking about their struts, from Koni I will be reviewing the Koni “Yellow” sport shock, and for Bilstien, The BB Sprint shock.

    We will start off with Bilstien. Their BB Sprint shock is most commonly found in the B12 suspension kit. Which comes with four BB Sprint ...
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  5. 2010 Toronto Autoshow

    Well another auto show is over... It has left me disappointed and questioning what an auto show is in these modern days. We had more fun observing the behaviours of people then actually looking at the cars. This was more a living anthropology study then a fun day looking at cars.

    I’ll get the car stuff out of the way first, if I won the lottery tonight there was only about 10 cars I would consider buying... take away the exotics and there would be 5 left.

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